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How to create accountability and stakes to motivate yourself to work

How to use amazing apps that let you do more and save a HUGE amount of time

How to start each day feeling charged and ready to go

How to take maximum advantage of the work from home lifestyle in order to spend more time doing what you love

How to deal with isolation and loneliness working from home

+ much, much more!

  • How to tackle tasks and structure your workflow for maximum productivity
  • How to introduce positive habits that keep you happy, healthy, and focused
  • How to organize your workspace for productivity

About working from home

Get out of your 9 to 5

Working from home has the potential to be amazing, but for many of us, that’s not how the story goes. Working from home means there is no commute. It means that you can simply role out of bed and be in your office. It means that you can work in an environment that you designed, surrounded by things that you find inspiring. And of course, it also means that you get to decide when and how you work. Most of us spend a huge amount of time at the office not really working.

Turn Your Dream Into Reality

So What’s The Solution To All This? That would be to CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. Working from home is ALL ABOUT having the right mindset. It’s about shifting the way you think about work, and it’s about training yourself to be able to operate with an incredible focus. Imagine being able to sit down and complete a day’s work in 5 hours. That’s not a far-fetched fairy tale: it’s something that countless people can do with time and practice. You could start work at 7am (with the discipline to get up early) and you could be finished by 12pm! You could have the whole rest of the day free.

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About the book

Discover How To Stay Productive Working From Home and Develop Your Mind For Success

Does This Sound Familiar? The Typical Working Day For Someone New to Working From Home (It’s a Nightmare!)
So what happens?

You probably begin your day at 9am (because that’s sensible).

But you probably got up at 8.30am (because you could) and you therefore didn’t have time to wash. You’re feeling grimy from the day before… but you’ll do it later.

The first thing you do next, is to make yourself a cup of coffee. That takes 5 minutes. Then you check some emails, and maybe watch a video on YouTube.

It’s now 9.35am and you haven’t done anything yet.

A colleague on Slack has noticed that you’ve only just logged in…

You open up your todo list and you see a MASSIVE list of things that you need to complete. You MIGHT have had a chance if you’d started at 9am but now you’re doomed!

So you work solidly until 7pm, battling between focusing and procrastinating. You finish exhausted but still send off another email before bed.

Surprise, surprise, tomorrow doesn’t go any better!

Free Samples

Free sample pages from the book

Chapter 1: Introduction – Working From Home is What You Make of It

Chapter 2: How to Structure Your Working Day to Get More Done.

Chapter 3: Productivity Hacks: How to Motivate Yourself to Work.
Setting Yourself Rewards
Leaving Work Unfinished
Overcoming Writers’ Block
Prepping Your Work
Creating Accountability

Chapter 4: Finding the Inspiration (The Key to Incredible Productivity) 

Chapter 5: Optimizing Your Health and Wellbeing
Getting Proper Downtime and Rest
Grooming and Self-Maintenance
Dealing With Loneliness
General Health
Fitness and Strength Training

Chapter 6: Creating the Perfect Home Office
Work from home productivity
Faces and Plants

Chapter 7: The Best Productivity Apps and Gadgets for Working From Home
Remote Collaboration
Personal Workflow

Chapter 8: Best Online Jobs
Top Online Jobs


About Author

Jonas J


With a Scandinavian perspective on how to work from home. Jonas has been working from home for years. His unique knowledge are one of the greatest aspects of this eBook and course.

He is a writer and producer of information about digital transformation and modern workplaces. Jonas has built a reputation as a great coach and moderator. One of his driving forces is to motivate people to start being more productive working from home.

Linköping, Sweden

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